A First Post

30 Rock: Season 2, Episode 1.

What is the deal with my life?

I am Glynis, I am currently 22 years old, I like psycholinguistics, neuroscience, programming, the history of tattooing, and animals with antlers.  I run this blog, occasionally update this other blog, co-founded Love Each Other Cosmetics, and I just finished knitting a sweater for myself.  I also recently adopted a black and white cat, named Nettie Chanel, who likes sparkly cat toys, sleeping in baskets, and trying to eat my hair.

What is the deal with this blog?

This blog is a collection of my personal experiences and understandings of the world.  I am going to focus on neurodiversity, neuroplasticity, psychological disorders, and trauma: how these things have effected my life and how they effect the larger world.   Specifically, I’ll write about Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

My other interests will no doubt make an appearance.  Math, linguistic theory, psychology, programming, and other logic based interests provided me with just that: logic.  Basic logical reasoning was something I had not seen much of as a child.  My father would rewrite everything from household rules to history to benefit himself, but when I realized I understood these basic logical concepts, I began to live further outside the constricting confusion he built.  Along with science and math, I have found tattooing and makeup as a path to understanding human beauty and expression.  Both forms of body art can provide a sense of ownership and joy in one’s own body; something many of us could use more of!

As I said on the about page, this blog is living here temporarily as I overhaul the software on my server.  I’ll make more posts about this server, my past experiments, future plants, and possibly tutorials, but in brief: previously was running Lighttpd on a Raspberry Pi 2 running Raspbian (modified Debian); currently switching to Apache 2 on the same machine.


One thought on “A First Post

  1. However it is also very good for finding peace of mind when you are trying to relax.
    Some people with agoraphobia turn to substance abuse in order to cope with fear, guilt, hopelessness and
    isolation. Hypnosis is not mind control when you are in a hypnotic trance.


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