Maybelline Color Tattoo By Eyestudio 24 Hour Cream Eyeshadow

The Basics

Maybelline Color Tattoos are frequently compared to the infamous Mac Paint Pots.   I don’t own any Paint Pots (yet), but I do have a Color Tattoo Obsession Collection.  So while I can’t comment on the wear of the different products, I can do some fact listing.

The Color Tattoos are $7 for 4g of product, while the Paint Pots are $20 for 5g.  So while the Color Tattoos are $1.75/g, the Paint Pots are $4/g; more than twice as much.

The ingredients in the Color Tattoos and the Paint Pots are fairly similar.  The largest difference I noted is that the Color Tattoos list a cyclopentasiloxane (a silicone emollient) as the first ingredient, and isododecane (a hydrocarbon emollient) as the second.  The Paint Pots list isododecane first and dimethicone (another silicone emollient) second.  The cost of cosmetics grade cyclopentasiloxane and dimethicone seem to fall within similar ranges (cyclopentasiloxane is $3-5/kg, dimethicone is $1-6/kg), so it’s likely Mac’s higher price tag is mostly for brand name reasons.

Someday I’ll be able to pick up some Paint Pots and do a real comparison review.  Until then, let’s focus on the Color Tattoos.

My Collection

I am far too pleased with myself for collecting these twelve Color Tattoos.  The number 12 just divides so nicely.  The rows are organized by color, top to bottom:  browns, yellows, greys and pinks.  The columns separate them into metallics, shimmers, and mattes.

The names in table form, for visual ease:

metallics shimmers mattes
browns Barely Branded Bad to the Bronze Matte Brown
yellows Gold Rush Bold Gold Just Beige
greys Silver Strike Audacious Asphalt Tough as Taupe
pinks Inked in Pink Pomegranate Punk Nude Pink

all 12 with caps
This image is quite large, so if you’d like to see the individual pots closer, just click through to the full size and zoom away.

The first two Color Tattoos I picked up were the metallic gold and silver — Gold Rush and Silver Strike.  I bought them with the intention of using them as eyeliner, which I found is very possible!  With a small lining brush, they can easily be used as a liner, and if you have an extra mascara wand, you can use them as mascara as well (like most gel/cream liners and shadows).   I did these swatches with a finger, and used no primer.  The Color Tattoos on their own do not seem to last the proclaimed 24 hours without creasing, lasting closer to 10.  However, with a good primer, these do stay longer.

color tattoo golds silvers

The gold and silver are fun to play with, but aren’t everyday colors, so I began to expand my collection to include more of the wearable bronzes and pinks.  Barely Branded is perfect for highlighting the inner corners of the eyes, and works well blended across the rest of the lid  Bad to the Bronze.  Similarly, Inked in Pink is a nice highlight, while Pomegranate Punk is a wearable deep pink for the outer corner and crease.  My favorite thing about these two-shadow combinations with the Color Tattoos, is that you can use your finger to apply and blend them, so they travel well and are easy in the early morning.

color tattoo browns and pinks

As much as the metallics and shimmers are fun, I am a matte addict at heart, and had to try Tough as Taupe.  I found the matte formula softer, which I found makes it easier to use with brushes.  Maybelline’s Holiday 2013 collection included three more matte Color Tattoos which I tracked down at CVS (and when I say tracked down, I mean seriously hunted and had them held at the counter for me — no shame).  They are Just Beige, Nude Pink, and Matte Brown, and unfortunately they are also limited edition.  The Nude Pink is my favorite to use for a naturally darker lid for my obscenely pale self.  Just Beige is very light, and is essentially a matte counterpart to Barely Branded — a nice highlight for the inner corner of the eye and browbone.  Matte Brown is exactly that: matte brown.  I haven’t found myself reaching for this color much as a standalone, but it makes a great highly pigmented base.


Pros & Cons

Pros: Creamy texture, easy to apply, highly pigmented, long lasting, and makes for a good base.

Cons: Can be tricky to blend once they set and become less tacky, three of the matte shades are limited edition.

Some looks with the Color Tattoo eyeshadows!

Below are three looks with some of the Maybelline Color Tattoos that I came up with.  These are so fun to play with!

Matte Neutral Eye
natural eye
Product list:

A “no makeup” eye look.  Here I used Nude Pink all over my lid (applied with a finger) to give my lid a naturally darker color and then used a blending brush to add Tough as Taupe in the outer crease for some definition.  Nothing extraordinary, but an easy natural look.

Matte Brown Smokey Eye
brown smokey eye
Product list:

A matte brown smokey eye.  Here I used Matte Brown all over the lid as a base and Just Beige in the inner corner and on the browbone for highlight.  Then I used my Naked Basics pallette from Urban Decay to blend and smudge the colors together.  I lined my eye (waterline, tightline, and lid) with Crave, the matte black from Naked Basics.  I smudged Crave out with Faint, a matte brown, and then used both Faint and Naked to define the crease.  I brought this shading further in towards my nose to accentuate the browbone contour.

Shimmery Pink & Metallic Gold Eye
pink and gold eye
Product list:

Here I just wanted an excuse to use Gold Rush as a liner, which is my prefered use for the gold and silver metals.  For this look I patted Pomegranate Punk in the outer corner of the eye and across the crease of my eye.  Then I used Inked in Pink as a highlight for the inner corner, center of the lid, and browbone under the tail of my eyebrow.

If applying with a finger, I found it is best to pat the color on rather than smear.  It is also better to build rather than try to get a large amount of product on at once.  They are very buildable, so this is easy to accomplish.  When using with a brush, I take a large blending brush and swirl it gently in the pot, which picks up enough to blend evenly.  I would recommend initially applying layers with a finger until your each the desired opacity and color, and then using a brush to blend them together.

For the three looks above, I did not use a primer.  If I was intending to wear the makeup for longer than a few hours, I would have.  While this may be due to my oily lids, I found the Color Tattoos will slightly slide and crease by 8-12 hours of wear.  With a primer, they’ll last much longer.  Their lasting ability is also increased by setting with a powder shadow in the same color.  Generally, I think these are great drug store cream eyeshadows, and overall I recommend them!  The neutrals and mattes make for easy everyday makeup and the metals are fun to play with for more excentric looks.

Note: None of my photos are retouched and I don’t use filters.  All photos taken in natural sunlight with a Canon SLR unless otherwise noted.


7 thoughts on “Maybelline Color Tattoo By Eyestudio 24 Hour Cream Eyeshadow

  1. !!!!!

    Please post more makeup things in the future!! I love this kind of stuff.
    Maybe an eyeshadow tutorial…?? You’re way better at eyeshadow than I am, and I think we have similar eyelid shapes so I’m hankerin. Lol


    1. Thanks friend!!! Yes, I plan to post more makeup things for sure! A tutorial is intimidating but I will think about it! I’m working on a Linux tutorial but that’s not the same at all haha


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