Almay Shadow Softies, Liquid Eyeliner, & Liquid Lip Balm Review

Almay is a company that I don’t see getting much love on the internet.  I can somewhat understand this, as they do not have the reputation or inventory of other drug store brands.  But I do think there are some undervalued products, and it has a special place in my heart.  My friend Lizzie Lee introduced me to the liquid lip balms, and for Christmas this year she gave me an Almay single eyeshadow in a beautiful mossy green!  She also has a couple posts on her blog using the Shadow Softies in Seafoam (1,2).

Almay Shadow Softies by Intense i-Color

moss shadow over various primers

This eyeshadow is a very pretty green.  It is, as the name Moss suggests, moss green.  It also has a gold shimmer to it.  Green eyeshadow is often hard to wear without it being a statement.  With this shadow, the gold shimmer neutralizes it some, and makes it more wearable everyday.  The color is beautiful, but I have certainly encountered more highly pigmented shadows.  It requires a few layers to get an intense color, but it is very buildable.  Despite this, I’m still a fan.

Over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, it is more green, while over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean, it is much browner.  Over the Wet n Wild Primer it is truest to the pan, unsurprisingly.  I really like the way this shadow is green in indirect light, and yet reflects a brighter gold in direct light.  Very pretty!

Almay Intense i-Color Liquid Eyeliner

liquid lip balm and eyeliner

The colors and pigmentation of these eyeliners are great, they last well and dry fast enough to not smudge.  The brush seems to pick up more product than is helpful: if I don’t wipe a blob back into the pot, it runs and is difficult to control.  I think these are very pretty, but harder to use than pen liquid eyeliners and other pot liquid liners.

Brown Topaz for Blue Eyes is really beautiful.  I think this was actually the first liquid eyeliner I ever owned.  As a young person, I was always scared to use anything dark given my light complexion.  Most brown liners achieve a very natural effect, and while that is very possible with this liner, a thicker line reveals more of the gold shimmer.  It’s a nice balance between natural and glittery.

The Black Pearl for Hazel Eyes is a nice alternative to matte black liner, however I have other black liquid liners I prefer, so I don’t use this too often.  I think it could be compared to a drugstore version of this Sephora Collection Waterproof Eyeliner in Starry Sky.  The brush on the sephora liner is nicer, but they are very similar.  The Sephora liner has a more gold sparkle, while the Almay is silvery shimmer.

Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balm

almay liquid lip balm

I love these for the winter, as they are very moisturising!  I’ve even found myself reaching for these over regular lip balm sometimes.  They do transfer some, but seem to do so less than most of my lip glosses.  They’re not as glossy as a true gloss either, which is nice for daytime wear.  The liquid lip balms have a nice sweet scent that isn’t overpowering and disipates fairly quickly.

Rosey Lipped was the first of these Liquid Lip Balms I picked up.  It’s a very natural lip color — subtle but pretty!  I definitely plan to replace it when I inevitably run out.  Truffle Kiss is like a slightly darker version of Rosey Lipped.  It’s still a very wearable daytime lip color, but is much less subtle than Rosey Lipped.  I really love this color!

Almost All Almay

almay face

Product List

This look was fairly simple to create, but still quite fun!  The Almay shadow is best patted on top of primer with a flat shadow brush, and built up with a few layers before blending.  I used the Almay shadow all over my lid over the Wet n Wild Fergie Collection Primer.  To contour my eye socket a little, I used a taupe shadow from Love Each Other Co.’s Sensimilla Collection, named Toke.  As a highlight, I used Venus from Urban Decay’s Naked Basics Pallette on my browbone and in the inner corner of my eye.

I decided to use the brown liquid eyeliner from Almay for this look.  When I use brown eyeliner it tends to be a pencil, and I rarely wear shimmery liner, so this was a nice change of pace for me.  As I mentioned above, the brush on these liners picks up a little too much product for my taste, but it is still very useable and pretty.  I was pleasantly surprised with how the color of the liner complimented the gold in the Moss shadow.  I haven’t used this liner much recently, but having pulled it out for this post, I will likely return to it more often.

In this post, I link the Love Each Other Cosmetics Company products to the Love Each Other Co. Etsy page.  If you follow these links, you’ll see that our store is still empty!  Please check back soon, as we will soon be posting a number of shadows, a few blushes, and a finishing powder, and we’ll be posting promo codes for discounted samples!


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