Love Each Other Blushes & Face Powder

The Pet Collection

During mine and Lizzie‘s first year in college, one of our friends who was still in high school stayed over at our dorm so often that we had cave-like bed space under my bed.  Subsequently, we jokingly started referring to our friend as “our pet” and later just “pet” (the nickname may also have been influenced by the amount of binge watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer we were doing).  So we decided to name our blushes after our Pet!

These blushes are silica-based, which makes them super soft and completely matte!  Kaolin clay keeps them from moving during wear without any trace of cakiness.


Also featured: Our super soft translucent mattifying finishing powder!  Made with mattifying silica and moisturising kaolin clay, this finishing powder goes on smoothly and minimizes shine without being drying.  I like this powder on foundation, bb cream, and bare skin.


Lovely Pet is a light cool pink, Modest Pet is a buildable neutral pink, Vagrant Pet is a vibrant warm pink.


Vagrant Pet is lip safe, the others are not.

The Love Each Other Cosmetics Co. shop is officially open!  Samples of these three blushes, all twelve of our eyeshadows, and full size finishing powders are now on sale.  Currently products will take 1-2 weeks to ship, but we hope to speed this process up in the future.  All orders ship with free samples and surprises!

We’re waiting on a shipment of jars to get full size eyeshadows and blushes up as well, but as soon as we do, both myself and Lizzie Lee will be posting exclusive discounts on our blogs!  We encourage anyone who orders our products to email us at loveeachotherco(at) to give us your honest opinion.


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