City Neighborhood Maps: a new side project

Last year, when some of my friends moved to New York City, a universal concern was learning city geography. In particular, the question of “what neighborhood is this?” came up frequently.  I started creating a map of NYC with neighborhood boundaries drawn on to help them learn (and also to learn them myself).

The initial intention was to fill in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the south Bronx, and near Queens. Eventually I got so into the process that I filled the entire city in.  I figure there are probably other people out there like myself and my friends who would be interested to see the map, and possibly some people who could offer corrections or additions (please send these types of messages here).

Since finishing the neighborhood outlines NYC map, I have started work on a few others with still more on my ‘hopeful’ list.  I also hope to eventually add small blurbs and even photos to each neighborhood.  I’ve started a separate site to keep track of my intermitent progress on all these maps, Cities by Neighborhood.

To see my NYC map, click here.


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