L’Oreal Complexion Products Review

Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer

Magic Lumi Light I
Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer

Price & Size: $12.95 for 0.68 oz / 19 ml

As the name suggests, this is a brightening primer.  On a good skin day, I will put this on over my sunscreen, throw on some mascara and lip tint and call it a day.

Packaging: The primer comes with a pump dispenser, which is a hygienic distribution but will lose some product in the bottom of the container.  One or two pumps is sufficient to cover my face.  Pro tip: shake the container for a few seconds before using the pump.  Sometimes if I haven’t used it for a while the product will separate.

Formula: I tend to wear BB creams and light coverage foundation so I still see the “lumi” quality coming through.  Under a medium to full coverage foundation, it loses most of its brightening quality.  While the brightening quality does offer some light diffusion which smoothes skin, it offers little pore filling or long wear properties.  I will tend to wear it over my NYX pore filler silicone based primer and under my BB cream or foundation.

My favorite thing about it is how it looks in your hand.  Living up to the word “magic” in its name, the product looks like liquid mercury or something out of Harry Potter.  I’ve included a true swatch of this product at the bottom next to the swatches from the contour palette.

Lumi Primer before blending

Verdict: Would definitely repurchase.  I really like it as a brightening primer, but for skin smoothing or long wear, it needs to be paired with another primer.  It looks great on bare skin even without foundation or bb cream.

Magic Lumi Highlighting Concealer

Magic Lumi Highlighting Concealer

Apologies that my concealer is so incredibly beat up.  I tend to throw this in my bag to take with me on days that I use it, in case of emergency touch ups.

Lumi Concealer Brush Tip

Shade: Fair

Price & Size: $12.95 for 0.05 oz / 1.5 ml

Packaging: These twist up brushes are one of my least favorite kinds of applicator, I prefer a doe foot for concealers.  They are unsanitary, wasteful of product, and hard to get the proper amount of product — often yielding too much or too little.

My dislike of this type of applicator aside, the plastic packaging itself is sturdy and stands up to being thrown in a bag.  The label obviously rubs off, but that happens with my high end concealers also.

Formula: This concealer is brightening, not full coverage. I would not recommend this for spot coverage, only for under eye brightening. If you have very dark circles, it would probably be best to use a peachy/salmon concealer first and this highlighting concealer over it.  The formula wears well and because it’s liquid I don’t see any cakey creasing.

Lumi Concealer Swatch in Fair

Verdict: Would consider repurchasing but not an automatic must.  It’s nice for under eye brightening, not good for spot concealing. I use it frequently but it does not replace my all time favorite concealer (Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer).

True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation

True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation

Shade: N2 – Classic Ivory

Price & Size: $16.99 for 0.51 oz / 14.6 ml

Cushion foundations have been popular in east Asian countries like Korea, Japan, China, and Taiwan for a few years now.  Instead of a liquid foundation in a pump or squeeze bottle, cushion foundations have a highly absorbent sponge in the bottom of the compact filled with liquid foundation.  Pressing on this sponge with the included puff applicator, a brush, or a finger releases some of the foundation, much like squeezing a wet sponge releases water.

Lumi Cushion Foundation Applicator Puff

Packaging: The L’Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation comes in a sturdy plastic compact, with the puff applicator separated from the liquid foundation filled cushion by a flap of hard plastic.  I’m not such a fan of that decision.  It buries the product I’m trying to get to under a layer of packaging I don’t feel I need.  I would rather have the puff rest directly on the cushion like a powder compact.  A cushion foundation aims to deliver the benefits of liquid foundation with the ease of reapplication that powder has.

Formula: The formula itself is really nice.  I found it not too heavy at first application with either a brush or the included applicator, but easily buildable to medium/full coverage.  It offers luminous finish without feeling sticky or prone to sliding (used over a primer).

Lumi Cushion Foundation

The compact is definitely on the pricier end of drugstore products.  A lot of what you pay for is the packaging.  If you’re someone who likes to reapply light coverage during the day but don’t want the cakey drying effect of layering powder, the packaging is likely worth the cost.

My biggest complaint is the shade range.  Like every other drug store foundation or bb cream I have tried, the lightest neutral shade is too dark and too warm for me.  It’s a bit of a shame that it’s a little too dark for me because a slightly too tan foundation is easier to pull off in the summer, but I would rather wear the luminous foundation in the winter when my skin is drier.  I ended up giving this product to a friend who better matched this shade.

Swatches left-to-right: L’Oreal Lumi Cushion Foundation in N2 over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, L’Oreal Lumi Cushion Foundation in N2 over bare skin, L’Oreal Lumi Highlighting Concealer in Fair.

Verdict: Would not repurchase for the shade alone.  Because I like the finish and packaging I will make it work by using it with NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, but this will be the last drug store foundation I buy.  It would be nice to have a drug store foundation with a shade range that went from the lightest alabaster to the deepest dark, but I suppose when you spend less than $20 on a foundation you can’t have everything.

Infallible Pro Contour Palette

Infallible Pro Contour Palette

Shade: Light/Clair

Price & Size: $12.99 for 0.24 oz / 7 gm

I think it’s a little generous to call this a ‘pro contour palette’ as it only has two colors and they share a pan.  That said, I do like this little set.

Pro Contour Palette Pan and Brush

Packaging: I am so confused by this brush.  The directions on the package would seem to suggest the brush is for blending the contour and highlight simultaneously.   I don’t see that being practical or helpful.  I would rather have a smaller compact with no brush or window, just the pan and a mirror.

Formula: The contour shade is truly matte and blends nicely over a finishing powder.  Like other powders it is harder to blend directly over a cream foundation, but it’s not impossible.  The highlight is shimmery and gives you a “glow from within” type of highlight.  It is not an Instagram “on fleek” highlight, which makes it great for a natural glow for daytime, but you might want to layer something brighter for evening wear.

Swatches left-to-right: Pro Contour Palette Contour shade, Pro Contour Palette Highlight shade, Lumi Primer blended.

My favorite thing about this palette is that both the contour shade and the highlight shade remind me of other favorite drugstore products.  The almost cool-toned contour shade is very similar to NYX Taupe blush and it’s the perfect color to create natural looking shadows on pale neutral skin.  I’m a huge fan of contour colors without warm undertones.  The soft glowy highlight reminds me of Wet n Wild’s Reserve Your Cabana bronzer.  You can see me use both of those products in this post.

Verdict: Would consider repurchasing.  I have similar products to both of these shades, but I like having them in a singular compact.  It’s nice for travel or throwing in an overnight bag.

Full Face Shot

nettie_faceThis goofy Snapchat outtake is the only full face shot I have where I am wearing all four of the L’Oreal products mentioned in this post.  You can see the True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation is visibly darker than my neck, especially because I had built it up to a medium coverage here.  So the “True Match” branding is a little funny to me.

On my cheeks I am wearing both the contour and highlight shades from the Infallible Pro Contour Palette.  The highlight, as mentioned above, gives a fairly natural golden glow.  The contour is a neutral/cool toned taupe, which when properly applied gives an enhanced cheekbone rather than an obvious stage contour.

I am also wearing the Magic Lumi Highlighting concealer under my eyes, but my glasses make this hard to see here.  Similarly the Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer is essentially impossible to see through the medium coverage foundation.

Apologies again for the quality of the product shots — usually I shoot pictures for reviews immediately upon purchasing a new item, but in this case I had fallen out of that habit.  The primer and concealer had traveled across country and up and down the east coast so the branding on the packaging has rubbed off.  The foundation and the contour palette have been used several times, so the puff in the foundation compact is stained and the words in the contour palette are faded.  Going forward I’ll photograph all my new makeup to avoid this.  

It’s been over a year since I’ve posted a beauty review and I certainly have accumulated plenty of products to get back into this.  In addition to makeup I have a big collection of hair products I want to review also.  I’m also thinking of getting more tutorials up and during fashion week I’ll be doing some posts on the trends we see on the runways in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, including makeup, hair, silhouettes, and tones.  


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