L’Oreal Complexion Products Review

Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer

Magic Lumi Light I
Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer

Price & Size: $12.95 for 0.68 oz / 19 ml

As the name suggests, this is a brightening primer.  On a good skin day, I will put this on over my sunscreen, throw on some mascara and lip tint and call it a day.

Packaging:¬†The primer comes with a pump dispenser, which is a hygienic distribution but will lose some product in the bottom of the container. ¬†One or two pumps is sufficient to cover my face. ¬†Pro tip: shake the container for a few seconds before using the pump. ¬†Sometimes if I haven’t used it for a while the product will separate.

Formula: I tend to wear BB creams and light coverage foundation so¬†I still see the “lumi” quality coming through. ¬†Under a medium to full coverage foundation, it loses most¬†of its brightening quality. ¬†While the brightening quality does offer some light diffusion which smoothes skin, it offers little pore filling or long wear properties. ¬†I will tend to wear it over my NYX pore filler silicone based primer and under my BB cream or foundation.

My favorite thing about it is how it looks in your hand. ¬†Living up to the word “magic” in its name,¬†the product looks¬†like liquid mercury or something out of Harry Potter.¬† I’ve included a true swatch of this product at the bottom next to the swatches from the contour palette.

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City Neighborhood Maps: a new side project

Last year, when some of my friends moved to New York City, a universal concern was learning city geography. In particular, the question of “what neighborhood is this?” came up frequently. ¬†I started creating a map of NYC with neighborhood boundaries drawn on to help them learn (and also to learn them myself).

The initial intention was to fill in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the south Bronx, and near Queens. Eventually I got so into the process that I filled the entire city in.  I figure there are probably other people out there like myself and my friends who would be interested to see the map, and possibly some people who could offer corrections or additions (please send these types of messages here).

Since finishing the neighborhood outlines NYC map, I have started work on a few others with still more on my ‘hopeful’ list. ¬†I also hope to eventually add small blurbs and even photos to each neighborhood. ¬†I’ve started a separate site to keep track of my intermitent progress on all these maps, Cities by Neighborhood.

To see my NYC map, click here.

Massive Eyeliner Collection Review

Full list with links and prices at bottom of page.

Pencils¬†are arguably the oldest and most common form of eyeliner. ¬†It’s possible to find cream and gel formulas in pencil form, and are usually in a twist up container or a traditional pencil that needs sharpening. ¬†Pencils provide a familiar tool and if the formula is smooth, the liner should glide on easily. ¬†Pencil liner can be applied to the top and bottom lids, the lashline, and the waterline. ¬†Because pencils are a familiar tool and can be applied anywhere, they tend to be best for beginners. ¬†The only con I can think to mention is when it comes to precision. ¬†Even a twist up pencil needs to be sharpened to stay precise, and sharpening pencils means you lose some of the product. ¬†Even when sharpened, their precision does have a limit. ¬†Some products are so creamy they can slide on oily skin, but I find that gel pencils don’t have this same problem for me.

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L’oreal Infallible Eyeshadow, Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara: Review + Look

I recently made an order from Drugstore.com to get birthday gifts for my good friend Lizzie Lee, and to tip my order into the free shipping zone I bought two small things for myself. ¬†Lizzie has been recommending¬†Neutrogena’s Healthy Volume Black/Brown Mascara to me for a while so I picked up the waterproof version (my eyes run like a faucet when I get tired). ¬†I had read many good things about L’oreal’s Infallible 24 Hour Eyeshadow and I am always interested to try new textures so I couldn’t resist buying one for myself as well as one as a gift. ¬†This post is a quick look and review from using the mascara and eyeshadow a few times.

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Wet n Wild Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Bronzer + Fergie Collection Products Review

wet n wild products

Wet n Wild is a brand I have walked by in drug stores for years, but in my current area the selection is limitted so I had only picked up a couple products.  After spending some time on their website and acquainting myself with their awesome moto (All Access Beauty Рa concept I love for a brand that sells such affordable and quality makeup) I decided I needed to give the products a try and placed an order.

Take on the Day Primer from Fergie Center Stage Collection [For my Primas]

For a $5 primer, this stuff is amazing. ¬†I prefer it to the $7 Milani Eyeshadow Primer, which is both more runny and more yellow. ¬†Wet n Wild’s Fergie Colleciton primer is a lighter neutral color. ¬†As compared to the infamous Urban Decay Primer Potion, I think it is less tacky. ¬†On days where I am lazy about my skin care routine, and thus have oilier lids, I find the Wet n Wild Primer doesn’t do as well, so for those with very oily lids it may not be a good choice.

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Love Each Other Blushes & Face Powder

The Pet Collection

During mine and Lizzie‘s first year in college, one of our friends who was still in high school¬†stayed over at our dorm so often that we had cave-like bed space under my bed. ¬†Subsequently, we jokingly started referring to our friend as “our pet” and later just “pet” (the nickname may also have been influenced by the amount of binge watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer we were doing). ¬†So we decided to name our blushes after our Pet!

These blushes are silica-based, which makes them super soft and completely matte!  Kaolin clay keeps them from moving during wear without any trace of cakiness.


Also featured: Our super soft translucent mattifying finishing powder!  Made with mattifying silica and moisturising kaolin clay, this finishing powder goes on smoothly and minimizes shine without being drying.  I like this powder on foundation, bb cream, and bare skin.

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Drug Store Baked Eyeshadows


What is baked eyeshadow?

Baked eyeshadow are traditionally mineral eyeshadows, though many contain plenty of non-mineral ingredients.  Baked eyeshadows are made in a wet mixture, shaped into domes, and as the name suggests, baked.  They can be applied dry for a sheer glittery shadow or wet for a more metallic sheen.

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First Love Each Other Cosmetics Co. Eyeshadow Collection

Introducing… our Sensimilla Eyeshadow Collection!

Twelve beautiful mineral eyeshadows in neutrals and brights, and with the exception of our shimmery white shadow, all of these colors are perfectly matte!


From left to right, top to bottom:

  • TRICHOMES¬†: pearlescent white
  • DOOB¬†: matte light beige
  • CRUTCH : matte dark¬†beige
  • TOKE : matte taupe
  • CBD : matte rusty orange
  • 420 : matte sunshine yellow
  • STEM : matte yellow-green
  • LEAF : matte blackened green
  • PURP : matte purple with brown undertones
  • PERP : matte¬†purple with grey undertones
  • BLUNT : matte brown with green undertones
  • BOWL : matte charcol black

INGREDIENTS : silica spheres*, titanium dioxide, cannabis sativa seed oil, and mineral pigments (iron oxides, chromium oxide, ultramarines) *Trichomes contains mica in place of silica.

We decided to use hemp oil as a binder in these shadows and have found it works wonderfully — these stay motionless and creaseless all day with a primer. ¬†We let this ingredient choice inspire the names for this collection,¬†including¬†Sensimilla.¬†Sin semilla in Spanish means “without seeds” and this collection is without any seedlike glitter!

 Of these eyeshadows, Trichomes, Doob, Crutch, Toke, CBD, 420, and Bowl are all lip safe!  Stem, Leaf, Purp, Perp, and Blunt are not.

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Ancient & Medieval Women’s Tattoo Art

Ancient Tattooing

Many descriptions of the history of tattooing describe the line and dot tattoos present on √Ėtzi, the Ice Man, and then jump ahead to the Western world in the 1800s. ¬†They skip thousands of years of history! ¬†I can’t possibly hope to cover all of these years in this one post, but I am going to present an overview of where tattooing has been recorded. ¬†The other generalization there is to be made about histories of tattooing is that women are largely left out. ¬†I want to highlight the history of women in tattooing, as I think it is fascinating and vital to understand the evolution of the art of tattoo. ¬†That being said, I do not intend to highlight women’s tattoo art to the exclusion of other important movements and figures.

One of the innate qualities of the art of tattooing is its impermanence.  People comment often on the permanence of tattoos, but this permanence is relative.  Tattoos are observable only as long as the person wearing them is alive.  From this perspective, tattoo is the least permanent art form.  Until the invention of the camera, tattoo art could be recorded only in drawings done by others.  Several civilizations have preserved tattooing from ancient times to modern ones, and others found ways to mummify bodies in bogs or tombs allowing modern humans to see ancient tattooing.  All of the information I provide in this post should be taken with the consideration in mind that some of what we think we know may be completely wrong because of the impermanent quality of historical tattooing.

It’s important to note also that some of the nations and people I discuss are still very much alive today, as are their tattoo traditions. ¬†I present them in the section titled¬†Ancient Tattooing because their traditions date back to ancient times.

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Almay Shadow Softies, Liquid Eyeliner, & Liquid Lip Balm Review

Almay is a company that I don’t see getting much love on the internet. ¬†I can somewhat understand this, as they do not have the reputation or inventory of other drug store brands. ¬†But I do think there are some undervalued products, and¬†it has a special place in my heart. ¬†My friend Lizzie Lee¬†introduced me to the liquid lip balms, and for Christmas this year she gave me an Almay single eyeshadow in a beautiful mossy green! ¬†She also has a couple posts on her blog using the Shadow Softies in¬†Seafoam (1,2).

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