Getting Fit: Food + Weight

Above: Two of the meals that make up my average 1200 calorie day I describe below.  Ingredients and calorie counts are listed at the bottom of this article.  

I have hesitated to post anything on this topic for awhile now as it is, for many, a highly emotional and touchy subject. ¬†But I don’t believe it needs to be emotionally fraught — it comes down to numbers, and numbers have no feelings.

In my mind, there are two things a person should strive to do for their health:

‚§ź Understand and keep track of exactly what they eat.

‚§ź Walk or run for more than a mile multiple times a week.

Let’s start with number one. ¬†Many people incorrectly equate documenting your eating habits with compulsive eating disorders. ¬†While food tracking may be part of how an eating disorder presents in some individuals, keeping a food diary does not an anorexic make. ¬†In fact, keeping a food diary is a fantastic way to be sure that you are giving your body all of the protein, fat, and micronutrients it needs to keep going. ¬†Journaling your food intake is just like keeping a monthly spreadsheet¬†to budget your finances or tracking how many miles you can go between filling up your gas tank. ¬†It’s an informative and healthy habit to have.

More than that, a food diary is the only way to hold yourself accountable for bad eating habits. ¬†Like many people, I’ve wondered why it was I could never lose weight — I thought I ate¬†a reasonable amount and that perhaps my body was just stuck like that. ¬†Most of my immediate family was overweight, I thought perhaps it was genetic. ¬†Then I started tracking every single thing I ate in a day, and I learned that I was eating exactly enough to maintain my weight, if not more sometimes.

Poor nutrition and obesity are an epidemic and there is simply¬†no other way to describe it. ¬†Obesity is a disease that is killing us, and yet at a time when information is at all of our fingertips, it’s difficult to find¬†correct information on healthy eating and weight management. ¬†Myths both new and old are hard to shake loose, particularly when social media provides a perfect ground for peddling to the uninformed.

So let’s go over some terms and knock out some myths. ¬†Because one comfort in this is that while it’s not magic or easy, the formula for weight loss is very simple and it works for everyone.

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