Things Dysfunctional Parents Don’t Teach Us About: Living Spaces

Parks and Recreation: Season 3, Episode 15. “The Bubble”

While leaving and recovering from an abusive home requires a lot of psychological effort, there are also a lot of more tangible things that go into moving forward.  Sometimes when we are worn out from trying to psychologically understand and cope with our past or present abuse, concrete planning can be a helpful antidote.  I know for myself that I spent many hours planning my “getaway” as a younger person, and while only a few of those plans ever got enacted, it was the planning that gave me hope.

For many people raised by abusive parents, finding a home of their own to live safely and freely in is an important goal.  However, abusive parents frequently work against their children gaining independence, and are usually unhelpful and uninformative when it comes to moving out and living as an adult.

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