Freelance Nomad

I write, edit, and translate content for the digital world.

glynis anna jones freelancerDo you need high-quality content from a writer who understands the importance of brand recognition?  Do you need content translated cleverly and accurately?  If so, I am the freelancer you need.

I will collaborate with you to craft website copy and blog content that promotes and accurately represents the work you do.  Specializing in search engine optimized (SEO) text, I put content quality over keyword quantity.  My work is well-researched, fun to read, and never generic.

When expanding to new international markets, you need a translator who understands more than a dictionary.  I am not only a proficient speaker of Mandarin and Russian, but also a student of these cultures.  I can help you expand the reach of your content and brand to new international markets.

I have extensive knowledge of web and mobile content.

At the boutique development firm Two Bulls, in New York City, my clients ranged from Bank of America to Nickelodeon, with projects including web games, mobile apps, and reports for a Kaplan Group Agency located on Madison Avenue.  I currently write on the topic of mobile technologies for the Scotland-based mobile development firm Zudu Ltd.

I am an expert on language in every way.

I managed and participated in research at a top-tier psycholinguistics lab outside Washington, DC; I conducted extensive analysis on the under-documented language of Bhutan, Tshangla; and I received my Bachelor’s degree from one of the best undergraduate linguistics programs in the world – the University of Massachusetts.

I am passionate and hardworking.

I love to solve problems and make things work beautifully.  With me, you get a detail oriented, results driven, freelancer with a love for clear communication and thoughtful organization. I have experience working in fast-paced environments and am happiest when working efficiently and effectively.

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“Glynis’ writing is brilliant — her work has an excellent balance of personality and professionalism.  She takes on tasks with confidence and reliably meets deadlines.  Adding her expertise to our team has been worth every penny.”

— James Buchan, Co-founder of Zudu Ltd

“Since Glynis began managing our social media content, we’ve seen a 200% increase in our impressions and engagement.  She has been enormously helpful in defining the purpose and message of our social media and our followers have had overwhelmingly positive responses to her posts.  We are so thankful have her insight!”

— Maureen B. Jones, Executive Director of Amherst Writers & Artists

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Writing & Translating:

  • Blog content: from 10¢ per word, min. $50
  • Tech content: from 15¢ per word, min. $75
  • Copywriting: from 15¢ per word, min. $100

Editing & Proofreading:

  • Substantive rewriting: $35/hr
  • Line & copy editing: $25/hr
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Want to work with me?  I’d love to hear from you!

Tell me a little about your project and how you’d like me to be involved and I will get back to you as soon as is humanly possible.

Or if you prefer, you can reach me through LinkedIn, Facebook, or email.