Some notes on how and why I create and manage the content on this blog.


I choose all the products that I review myself and all opions are my own.  If a company approached me to review one of their products, I would be happy to, with the understanding that I will always be honest and I will never promote a product I do not believe in.  I will always clearly mark whether a review is sponsored.

Fashion & Beauty

I decided to include makeup and beauty related posts on this blog because basic knowledge of self-care is something many of us from dysfunctional homes do not get.  My rituals around makeup and skin care have become a much larger part of my recovery from childhood abuse that I had ever imagined. All photos are taken by me:  I never edit my photos after taking them, and I never use filters on my photos.  Most of the photos on this blog under the Beauty category are taken with a Canon SLR in natural light.  If they are taken with flash, in indoor lighting, or with my phone I will always mark them as such.  If you’re going to post my photos elsewhere, I’d appreciate them credited as mine.

Psychological Trauma

I talk about trauma to offer my own perspective and experience with the kinds of abusive situations I discuss.  It is not my intention to target anyone in particular, but it is important for me to speak honestly about my experiences.  I believe that if someone doesn’t want others to write about their abusive behavior, they shouldn’t have behaved abusively.  I respect internet privacy of individuals, and while I don’t give names of individuals, I have no qualms about giving the names of organizations.

The links provided in square brackets in my posts about brains are not meant as academic style sources, but rather as an indication for the reader about where I get my information and where they might seek more information themselves.  When I do discuss specific studies, I will of course provide direct links to the published work.  I make my best effort to make it clear when something is my own experience.

I will never charge money for access to any of the materials on trauma I post here, as I have seen others on the internet do.  I think asking for money in exchange for providing information to survivors of abuse is taking advantage of people.  Information should be free, especially about something as important as trauma.  I want to share my understandings of my trauma and abuse, and hope that it helps someone who reads it.

If you’re wondering why I don’t use trigger warnings, you can read my post on that subject here.

Tattoo History

I am not a tattoo expert, I am just a collector with a serious special interest in the history, perception, and art of tattooing.  Any information on this blog about the tools that others have used to tattoo is not meant as an instruction manual for readers.  In describing the different histories and cultures of tattoo, I am only trying to write about what I have learned from research.

Unix Tutorials & Other Code

The tutorials and links to code in github repositories are provided with no guarantees.  The tutorials are an explanation of the steps that have worked for me, they may work for you, or you may need to alter the steps.  It should be understood before starting any of the tutorials I post that altering files from the root user or using the sudo command can result in breaking the system if not done correctly.


I think input from readers can give a blog a great energy, and I love to see comments with new ideas and experiences different from my own.  However as this is my blog, I reserve the right to remove comments I find harmful.  Harmful here includes basic abusive comments but also false assertions.  An example of this might be someone commenting to say that emotional abuse is not real and that people with Complex PTSD should “just get over it” and are “only whining”.  I do not take removing comments lightly and do not like to censor anyone.


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